Kayan and Kayah

We visited two tribal villages today in Kayah state. The first was Saing lon Ka Na, populated by Kayan people. The women are known for their many neck rings and also for their business acumen. There are others of the same tribe in Thailand. I had found them to be somewhat cool there, but they … More Kayan and Kayah

Our last class

We taught our last class this afternoon — amazed that is over so soon, sad to say goodbye to our 15 teacher-students, and hopeful of course that they will use some of what we taught and demonstrated. They are all good teachers within the system they grew up in. They know their subject matter inside … More Our last class

Entering the monkhood

Pat and I had the good fortune yesterday to witness a novitiate ceremony in our home village of Kyar Tet. This is a three day affair actually, that celebrates the passage of young men into the Sangha, the monkhood that is so central to life in Myanmar, especially in rural areas. In this ritual, the … More Entering the monkhood

Village Life

Hteik, our interpreter/guide/handler, was a student of U Pinnyar’s, as most everyone in these parts, it seems, is or was. And they also share the same home village — Kan-mi, which means Red Lake. We had been there earlier for a short visit but this afternoon, after class, we drove there again, about 15 minutes … More Village Life

Here we are at Studer Trust before we go to our assigned schools.Here we are on our field trip to Sigar Mount.These are our students at Shwe Ku and our abbot, Phone Phone.  The yellow on their faces is tanaka, used for makeup and sun protection.