The land of the impossible possible

Nepal is a small, landlocked, mountainous country sandwiched between India to the south and China to the north. This sentence actually explains quite a bit about Nepal’s present situation. Its mountainous nature includes Sagarmatha, also known as Mt. Everest, Annapurna and many other magnificent peaks of the Himalayas (the trek Glenn, Keith and I are … More The land of the impossible possible

The Back of Bagan

It was Election Day here. We saw long lines at voting stations throughout the day and met many Myanmarians proudly displaying their inked pinky finger demonstrating that they voted. There was excitement and joy in the air! ¬†See Clem’s recent entry for much more. Bagan is an enchanting place. Think of it as a huge … More The Back of Bagan

Down the Irrawaddy

   Early this morning six of us said our goodbyes to our nine other travel compatriots as they started their long journey home. We, however, climbed aboard a good sized boat just north of Mandalay and set out on a ten hour cruise down the Irrawaddy River to Bagan, my Myanmar’s ancient city of pagodas. … More Down the Irrawaddy

The hopes of a nation

It’s a right we take for granted and often treat casually or even neglect–the right to vote AND the right to have that vote counted fairly. In Myanmar, however, voting has been a hollow right until very recently, stymied again and again by a power-monopolizing military dictatorship. In her early forties, Aung San Suu Kyi, … More The hopes of a nation

The Dogs of Myanmar

¬†Buddha said: “Harm neither any human being nor any other living thing.” They are everywhere you look. Lying on the road. Roaming in the swirl of children playing in school yards. Sprawled out on the shaded tiles of every pagoda. Curled up on stream banks next to roadside shanties and shops. They are on every … More The Dogs of Myanmar

Myanmar is very far

To be sung to the tune of Bill Harley’s Zanzibar: Refrain: Myanmar, Myanmar Myanmar is very far The hills are green, the clouds are puffy, The people are not very stuffy. Refrain They laugh and greet you with a smile, Wearing longyis is their style. Refrain Pagodas sprout from every hill, And Buddhas are more … More Myanmar is very far

Leaving Hsipaw

Leaving Hsipaw As we load up our taxis we take one more look out over the rice patties. Our stay at Mr. Charles by the river has been a great respite from the hot busy days of teaching. We are now ready for our long drive back to Mandalay. The road is quite impressive. It … More Leaving Hsipaw

The last three days

Wi-Fi and/or electricity has been spotty the last three days, so here is a brief summary: On Monday, we bade a teary farewell to our students and headed into Mandalay for a joyous reunion with our other teams at a teashop. Although each team’s experiences was somewhat different because of our location and school, our … More The last three days